Skijor USA is committed the sport of Skijoring.  Born in the Skijoring capital of the USA, we support the efforts to to get Skijoring in to the Olympics.  We aim to provide a national organization required to an Olympic bid.  We are focused on the unique needs of Skijoring and expanding trail access.

Why Join Skijor USA?

  • SkijorNow merchandise discount
  • Inside race trail information including access to the National Skijoring Championship Theodore Wirth Junior Olympic trail video (to be filmed when the trail is available for skiing assuming there will be sufficient time prior to the event.)
  • Skijoring advice from experienced and champion Skijorers.
  • Dog health and welfare advice from Skijoring-experienced Veternarians.
  • Assistance in locating local Skijoring resources
  • Join the Web Chats
  • Access to Skijor USA Facebook, Twitter and Skijor USA listserv
  •  Help to get started in Skijoring.
  • Be part of the Skijoring movement!
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Please detach and send check (made out to Skijor USA) and application to:
Skijor USA c/o Kevin Murphy 583 Lois Lane, Lino Lakes MN 55014 USA 

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